Bake the world a better place

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Do you want to bring joy to other people at Christmas?
You like to bake or love various cookies?
Then the“Bake the world a better place”campaign is just right for you!
We would like to make people in Aachen a joy in cooperation with Caritas.
What do you have to do for it?

You bake a tin of your favorite cookies, like to work with your shared flat or other baking friends.
We (i.e. students from the Permanent Council of the KHG-Aachen)pick up the cookies on December 16th and pack colorfulmixed cookie bags. Caritas will add the cookie bags to the annual gifts of its customers on Christmas Eve.

All cookies that we have too much, we will distribute back to the hard-working bakers in mixed bags.

Greeting cards or cards can also be made, which are included in the cookies.

The Standing Council of the KHG wishes a beautiful Advent season

Hausaufgabenhilfe RoKoKo

Even if it was a long time ago for us… For the children at the RoKoKo day care center in Aachen Rothe Erde, topics such as written subtraction or the correct spelling of “Clown” are everyday questions. These questions become problems because children from socially deprived backgrounds at home lack the help for their homework.
Since 2009, we have been volunteering to support these primary school-aged children with their homework in the hoard every day from 2 pm to 4 pm and try to motivate them to have a better relationship with learning and education.
Teacher training students are also recognised as a professional internship!

We are always looking for new committed people!
Do you feel addressed? Then sign up to:

Beate Engelhoven, Tel. 4700-138

Calendar homework support

Eyecatcher WiSe 2020

Foto: Ruth Möller

For our monthly postcards, which are available in the displays in 70 Aachen city centre pubs, we need new motifs: Real eye-catcher photos!

Five of the submitted motifs will be published as postcards in the coming semester and another 15 will be presented in an exhibition and in a virtual gallery in the winter semester.

Eligible: students and university members. Only 5 photos can be submitted per person.
Technique: Resolution 300ppi, at least 20 x30 cm or 30 x20 cm. Only digitized photos can be considered
The name of the /the photographer/ in should not be placed on the photo.

Rights of use: The submitted photos remain the property of the photographers. They may be edited for print and web publication and used free of charge for the public relations of the Catholic university communities. When it is published, the photographer must be identified next to the picture.

Deadline: 31 January 2021 – to

1. Aachener Seifenkistenrennen

What do we have in front of us?
We are planning an amateur soapbox race in Aachen, which is not only about the competition aspect, but also about the creativity and entertainment factor. The fun is in the foreground.
We are convinced that this event will be well received in Aachen, the city of aspiring engineers.

When and where do we have it in front of us?
The event will take place on May 8, 2021 on a passage of the Lousberg.
The Lousberg is event-tested and offers the ideal location for our soapbox races with its inclination and its traffic-calm location.

Who do we have in front of us?
Everyone can participate! We will advertise at the FH and RWTH and there above all through the specialist trades.

More (Conditions of Participation, Route, Technology, …) on

Online registration until 1 May 2021