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20:15 bis 21:30
KHG@home mit ZOOM

Being a daily impulse to human beings – becoming human beings

Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the feast of the birth of Jesus, for the man-making of the Son of God.
For more than 100 years there is in Germany the custom to design the time of Advent with a calendar. Every day a window was opened in which a picture or a saying, later chocolate etc. and for several years a story was discovered daily.
ESG and KHG want to take up this tradition of preparing for Christmas, but to design it differently:
Daily from 1 Dec, a text, image, music impulse on the smartphone on the topic of human beings – becoming human beings, questions of reflection and a blessing that accompanies the day.
And every Monday in the Advent season(30 Nov/ 7 Dec/ 14 Dec/ 21 Dec) in the evening at primetime at 8.15 p.m. Exchange in the ZOOM group, if you like.

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