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Student communities show solidarity with KHG Cologne

Delegates from the KHG-Aachen and the KSHG Münster presented an opinion at the delegates' meeting of the Association of Catholic Higher Education Communities last Saturday on the restrictive measures of the Erzistum Köln against the position paper of the KHG-Cologne. The delegates thus "expressly oppose all forms of censorship and church regulation" and call on the church leaders to "appreciate and maintain diversity and openness in the KHG Cologne, so that they can live credibly and in accordance with the realities of life and the questions of the students oriented at the universities in Cologne Church".

The full solidarity address here



Bake the world a better place

Do you want to bring joy to other people at Christmas?
You like to bake or love various cookies?
Then the"Bake the world a better place"campaign is just right for you!
We would like to make people in Aachen a joy in cooperation with Caritas.
What do you have to do for it?

You bake a tin of your favorite cookies, like to work with your shared flat or other baking friends.
We (i.e. students from the Permanent Council of the KHG-Aachen)pick up the cookies on December 16th and pack colorfulmixed cookie bags. Caritas will add the cookie bags to the annual gifts of its customers on Christmas Eve.

All cookies that we have too much, we will distribute back to the hard-working bakers in mixed bags.

Greeting cards or cards can also be made, which are included in the cookies.

The Standing Council of the KHG wishes a beautiful Advent season

Photo: Miha Jan Strehovec

Virtual Gallery: Eyecatcher

Since the foyer of the KHG cannot be used as an exhibition venue at the moment, we present the jury selection for the photo competition EYECATCHER from the summer semester as a virtual gallery on Instagramand Facebook.

Also this winter semester there will be an eye-catcher photo competition. Deadline for submissions is 31 January 2021


“Thank you!” to 417 donors

Christian Reeves, a student from the Caribbean, had lost all financial support from his homeland as a result of the pandemic and was thus stuck in Aachen without a secure livelihood. Through a fundraising appeal from the KHG relief fund, he can now start his studies and his daily basic costs for the coming months are secured. He thanks his supporters:
"I, Christian Reeves, would like to thank the individuals, families and companies who donated to me during my time in need! I am aware that this is not an easy time for most of us financially and for this reason I am grateful for your donation, no matter how big it is, as I have always been taught that a little bit brings a lot!
I hope it would make you happy to know that with your help I can now afford my daily basic costs for this and the coming months and that my stay here in Germany will probably be long, because I was accepted to a university of my choice."

The full letter to the donors of the KHG Relief Fund


Hybrid Sunday services

Live in Aachen, at home on the sofa, somewhere on the beach or in the evening with the flat at dinner – our Sunday service is hybrid. If you like, come to the KHG on Sundays at 7 p.m. and party live or just take us to your place. With our zoom access, this is possible:
Meeting ID: 846 8321 1295
Code: 901198

You can also participate in many places in the divine service: at home you can sing along, you can share your intercession with us via chat or also express your thoughts during the scripture discussion according to the Gospel.
Live, in the hall of the KHG, the rules of our protection concept currently apply

Contact: MATTHIAS FRITZ, 4700128

Photo: Tamara Weber (RWTH)


Dear international students of the RWTH Aachen University,

We would like to point out that the next application phase for the graduation scholarship will begin on November 1, 2020.

These scholarships are awarded by the International Office from the Foreign Office and the Doctor Carl Arthur Pastor Foundation. This short scholarship is intended to benefit qualified international students who need financial support in their final phase.

Further information on the requirements and the application process can be found



Dear donors,
Thank you very much for your generous support for Christian Reeves or the relief fund of the Catholic University Community Aachen! We are very happy about this!
Overall, your donations far exceeded everything we had hoped for through the newspaper article. To date, more than 30,000,-€ have been received here in the KHG, much more than Christian Reeves needs financially to bridge his difficult crisis situation. It is wonderful to see how, in this largely dark, sad Corona period, you look generously not only at yourself and your personal environment, but at people in acute innocence!
With Christian, we work intensively to find a way out of the legal and educational impasse. Since he could no longer get a place for the winter semester, he clarifies with our support the possibilities for a start at the FH Aachen for the summer semester 2021. The foreigners' office of the city region of Aachen has just extended the stay for three months with a so-called "fiction certificate", but has still not allowed him to take up work. In this respect, your support helps enormously, so that he can fully concentrate on clarifying the study requirements etc.
We will support him with advice and deeds as far as he wishes and inform you monthly on our homepage ( how his situation can hopefully be resolved soon! As far as financial support for him from the funds of the aid fund is concerned, he has already received enough money to pay all the bills, to insure himself again and to secure the supply needs. In addition, we would like to provide him with enough money from your donations for the entire crisis period so that he can pay all the costs of subsistence including rent, health insurance and the means to get access to the FH, RWTH or another German university. In conclusion, thanks to your generosity, the funds and support received exceed mr Reeves' current and foreseeable needs.
That is why we would support other students in no-faultly emergency situations from the other funds received here in the Catholic University Community under "Assistance Fund Reeves". Because the Corona crisis has put a number of students who live as self-sufficient in Aachen in hopeless situations in which they turn to us. We often cannot help many of them enough from scarce resources at the end of the year. We guarantee that we will use all donations 100% for him and these other students!
If you would like us to send your donation exclusively to Christian Reeves, please let us know by email at by November 30, 2020! Then, of course, we will follow your request and transfer the amount you have donated to him in full!
Finally, once again in Christian Reeves' name and on behalf of the other students supported by the KHG Relief Fund, thank you very much for your donation and stay healthy!
Best regards from KHG

Markus Reissen, Speaker
Matthias Fritz, university pastor

Photo: Ruth Möller

With new website on the net

More than facelifting - the relaunch of the KHG homepage on November 2nd

Since then on the new website of the KHG Aachen landed under a familiar address.
The concept is: Everything on one site, with a maximum of three clicks at the destination, compatible with a clear corporate design and smartphone.
The site is also available in English and a French version is also planned.
The event calendar presents itself clearly with the next three dates immediately under the header.
The post photos generated from the photo competitions of the KHG are displayed larger and without text load on an appealing white space.
In the next few weeks, the Facebook and Instagram presences of KHG will also receive a design update, so that you as a user will be informed comprehensively, up-to-date and appealing about what is going on in your KHG.
Feedback to


to your and our protection

we have to close temporarily due to the Corona protection regulations of the country and the urban region.
However, our consulting services are still open to you!


Adventkalender Anders

Being a daily impulse to human beings - becoming human beings

Advent is a time of waiting and preparing for the feast of the birth of Jesus, for the man-making of the Son of God.

For more than 100 years there is in Germany the custom to design the time of Advent with a calendar. Every day a window was opened in which a picture or a saying, later chocolate etc. and for several years a story was discovered daily.

ESG and KHG want to take up this tradition of preparing for Christmas, but to design it differently:

Every day from 1 Dec, a text, image, music impulse on the smartphone on the topic of human beings - becoming human, thinking questions and a blessing that accompanies the day.

And every Monday in the Advent season (30 Nov/ 7 Dec/ 14 Dec/ 21 Dec) in the evening at primetime at 8.15 p.m. Exchange in the ZOOM group, if you like.

Click here to register

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