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University service

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University service

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To say goodbye to Andreas Wierig

Our colleague Andreas Wierig passed away last Thursday - completely unexpected for all of us in KHG and Studentenwerk. We are shocked and very sad!

He was somehow always there over more than 20 years, practically never ill and in many technical questions in our center, in the dormitories, in our daycare, in the QuellPunkt on the campus Melaten and also in our conference house in Heimbach often the only one who knew whats going on. He knew what to do if something got stuck. Then he didn't talk much, maybe sometimes too little, but he thought about how best to solve the problems.

A few days ago, he told how he roamed his hometown of Stolberg during the Corona period and was happy to rediscover beautiful corners again and again. In recent times, we also noticed him changing ever so sligthly: He's become more and more open and creative and has brought very good suggestions for improvement from his vast wealth of experience from many years of KHG and student union work.

We were happy to have him with all his knowledge, his continued presence - even on weekends, if it had to be - and with his commitment in our ranks.

His death is tearing a big hole in our team that we probably can't fill. We will miss him very much.

We very much hope that he has arrived well in heaven! His deep faith has accompanied him through his life. We trust that he felt "wonderfully saved by good powers" as he made his way from Earth to heaven.

Tschüss Andreas and thank you for everything,

Your Student Union and KHG team


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Students bake for seniors

The student dormitory for couples in the Neupforte has given more than 60 senior women cookies and Easter greetings.
Every year, the Student Home of the Student Institute of the KHG-Aachen organizes a social campaign in the Neupforte. This year, the students of the dormitory baked Easter pastries for seniors in need of care and distributed them without contact. Nearly 60 senior citizens throughout Aachen have received a package of pastries and a self-designed card. The action was organized in cooperation with the Social Service of Catholic Women e.V. The Neupforte is Germany's oldest student dormitory for couples, is located near the town hall and offers 28 accommodation units for couples, some with children.


Ramadan Mubarak!

The Catholic University Community of Aachen wishes the sisters and brothers of the Muslim faith a blessed Ramadan


University service online

At home on the sofa, somewhere in the country or in the evening with the WG – our Sunday service is planned this Sunday as a ZOOM meeting. If you like, just take us to your place, set your surroundings with a candle and maybe a table cross.
You can also participate in many places in the divine service: at home you can sing along, you can share your intercession with us via chat or also express your thoughts during the scripture discussion according to the Gospel.

Registration required!
ZOOM access link with the registration confirmation.

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Per:spektiven – Maundy Thursday

Everyone asks for perspectives from the crisis, people are looking for freedom and the feeling of a good life and yet everything remains different. We find this in the old stories of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.
Come on, listen to the old stories with us, sum up the music and be part of a hope that celebrates life.
We celebrate at a distance and with mask in the city church on the Großkölnstraße.

Maundy Thursday: Thu 1 April - 7 pm (City Church)

Photo: Sara Igel

Well advised!

Support for students at Aachen universities

Whether because of Corona or why: At the KHG Aachen, students find advice and support in emergency situations and other things!

Advice & Help

Contact: Markus Reissen
Phone. 0241/4700-123



Holy and Easter days with the KHG

Palm Sunday: Sun 28 March - 7 pm (as hybrid divine service)
Maundy Thursday: Thu April 1 - 7 p.m. (City Church)
Good Friday: Fri 2 April - 3 p.m. (City Church)
Easter: Sun April 4 - 6 a.m. (City Church)

Please bring a medical or FFP2 mask and watch out for the Corona rules.


Blessings make possible for all people

The Catholic University Community of Aachen is a place and a community where all people are welcome and should feel accepted there.
We live church at the universities in the city of Aachen, celebrate divine services and organize blessing sores on various occasions.
Lovers ask for God's blessing for their relationship, in order to express their faith in the loving, accompanying God.
"The blessing pledges to those who receive him the unwavering fidelity of God to life in his creation, and this fidelity is realized in this promise. Relationship is always an expression of life, no matter what gender the partners have. The blessing comes from God, not from the Church or from people who give the blessing." (BDKJ Aachen, Diocesan Assembly January 2021)

We want to continue to convey and celebrate this in our divine services and blessings.

Aachen 18 March 2021

Permanent advice and team of the KHG


We have to talk!

A dialogue offer from Catholic university communities:

We have to talk! - Finally, the content of the topics of the position paper of the KHG Cologne
The conflict over the position paper "We want to remain credible" of the full-time employees of the KHG Cologne still employs many university communities, associations and student groups. The damage to university pastoral care is already enormous! In an open letter dated 15 January 2021, the authors again called for dialogue.
Representativesof the Archdiocese of Cologne have publicly announced an open debate on several occasions since November 2020: "As a church, we are concerned with discussing the issues and, as a university community, to focus on students." What is needed is an "open, lively and at the same time objective and balanced exchange of opinions". Words must now also be followed by deeds.
We have to talk!
Higher education communities are places where the faith is freely and publicly critically considered. In the sense of the Second Vatican Council, such discourses can help to recognize the "signs of the times" that the whole Church is required to seek (cf. Gaudium et spes 4). A free and credible discourse among students and with the representatives of the KHG is impossible if it takes place in front of the threatening backdrop of sanctions. Even beyond Cologne, the actions of the diocese leadership lead to uncertainty and intimidation, especially among theology students with regard to their career and vocation perspective.
Although it is in line with current labour and church law that the Archdiocese of Cologne can prohibit its employees from publishing the position paper, it is a very different question whether this kind of coexistence is the appropriate way forward. In our opinion, not! We long for a human-inclined, dialogue-capable, theologically savvy Church. We believe that it is absolutely necessary to have a substantive debate! If the leadership in the Archdiocese of Cologne is not ready for this, we have to take over! We will therefore be holding a series of digital events in the summer semester of 2021 in order to finally get into an open exchange on the content of the items in the position paper. To this end, we call on all other university communities to participate in the planning. We cordially invite the representatives of the Archdiocese of Cologne to the events. - 3 March 2021
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