Moments of Faith & Sacraments

Get to know faith, become a Christian, live a relationship with God

People in the KHG believe that our lives have a meaning: to make the world a place for all; to give every human being the dignity to be unique; peace, justice and hope.
For Christians, there are moments when this can be celebrated in a special way – as a meaningful relationship with God.

Those who want to know faith and have a relationship with God can begin this journey with baptism.
Saying “I believe in God” is the “yes” to a relationship with him. He should be by our side for the long time.

Confirmation reinforces this once again.
God is not far from this world, he is there as an assist, in the Holy Spirit.
This Spirit of God is in us the ability to distinguish life situations well and place them in the context of life, for it gives us the strength to look to life in insight, knowledge, fear of God, piety, counsel, strength and wisdom (Isaiah 11:1-2).

In (first) communion I live this relationship and may understand God as a constant call to the ups and minds of my life.

Moments that are my heart in all changes and encounters and do not let me go, can be entrusted to God in a confessional.

And when I have found the one person To whom I can entrust myself, who carries me through life and with whom I can imagine the future, people repeat the “yes” as “I believe that you are the man of my life” in the wedding/marriage.

If you want to live these moments of faith and sacraments and would like to be accompanied by us, you can contact our university chaplain, Matthias Fritz –