Donation projects


Above all, we want to provide advice and assistance to students from developing countries who are in need through no fault of their own and to help them unbureaucratically and quickly.
We take the Christian mission of sharing seriously and solve problems hand in hand with those affected. In doing so, we lay the foundation for foreign students to be able to work on and solve such problems independently in the future.
Our aim is to prevent foreign students from falling into insurmountable crisis situations in the future.
How can you help?
Your individual or permanent donations help in concrete terms:
These arrive directly at the needy foreign students without administrative costs!

Catholic university congregations in the Community of Catholic Universities and
IBAN:DE37 3706 0193 1003 9280 19

Donation receipts are of course issues by the Diocese of Aachen when the address is provided.


The school fee project pays young people and children the schoolfee – the school fee. This means:

  • Fundraising to finance students’ school attendance in Zambia
  • Target group: Classes 8 and upwards (because fees are due here)
  • Selection of needy students through our local partner (Caritas Monze)
  • Active since 2014

Detailed explanations of the motivation and course of the project can be found in the headings. The detailed reports on the project history in our blogare worth reading .