Team of the Principals

Beate Engelhoven

Organisation, Chico Mendes,
Room rental

Prevention specialist of the Catholic University Community of Aachen:

  • Contact person for full-time and volunteers with questions on prevention against sexualized violence and border violations.
  • knows the procedures for suspicious reports and can inform about internal and external counselling centres
  • it supports our legal entity in the preparation and implementation of the institutional protection concept
  • it strives to place the topic in the structures and bodies of the KHG
  • she is the local contact person for the prevention officer of the Diocese of Aachen – 0241-4700138

Eveline Kuscha

Eveline Kuscha

Chico Mendes
Accompaniment of the KHG-Wohnheime
International Scholarship holders – 0241-4700129

Guido Schürenberg


Public relations, everyday spirituality – 0241-4700124

Maria Wiertz

Secretariat, processing – 0241-4700122

Markus Reissen

Intercultural work and
Interreligious conversation – 0241-4700123

Matthias Fritz

Head of the KHG, university pastor – 0241-4700128