English speaking students

International Catholic Community

Every Sunday | Kind-Jesu-Kapelle | 6 PM
Church Service for International Students and community meeting afterwards at Chico Mendes.

Every first friday of the month at 7pm (Raum der Stille at KHG), we pray the rosary together.

Every 24th of the month we are meeting for adoration at Kind-Jesu-Kapelle at 7 pm.

…and much more.

Ecumenical Biblegroup | KHG
Getting into conversation with other students. The next Bible group is planned for April 2023. Find more information here.

International student counseling | KHG
We answer your questions and offer support in academic and personal matters. There is also the possibility to apply for
financial support. Please contact Markus (mr@khg-aachen.de)

Intercultural Community | KHG
Join the meetings and events of our group of international
students. For further information, please contact Markus (mr@khg-aachen.de).

International catholic women group | KHG | Please get further infromation from Hannah.