KHG on Tour

Hayan Hassoun: Throwback to KHG on tour

On 19.09.2021 the KHG Organisation in Aachen has organized a tour in the Jungle on the Border with Belgium.

About 11:30 o’clock I met Mr. Markus Reissen the one who organized the tour in a Café near the jungle. About 30 minuets later the others have come, and we started our trip with the fantastic nature tour guide Mr. Michael Zobel who clarified our journey plan and asked us an important question … what does „ Heimat“or „home“ means to you?

Someone answered: home is a feeling, another said: home is where we find relaxation … I think that home is much bigger than being described in one word or even a full sentence.

After the discussion about home, we started our journey. Firstly, we walked beside a chain of Pictures that describe the long and difficult trip of the people from war and poverty areas until they arrived at the safe zone.

After a few meters and precisely at border point 958 we saw a house with a funny story because the garden of it is in the German side of the borders and the rest is in the Belgian side. What is funny that this house was being used to smuggle butter, bread and coffee back in the World War II! funny isn’t it?

After Mr. Michael Zobel told us the story of this house, we continued our trip in the Jungle, meanwhile he gave us some information about the animals, trees and plants in the Jungle, what I found really interesting and scary at the same time that in a while, I mean 5 years, some species of the trees well not be existed any more, because the precipitation rate in this area is not enough for the trees which have a short root to be able to suck water from the above layer of the soil and all of that is caused by the climate change.

Throw our journey we met many artworks done by special artists, but why are they special? The answer is because those artworks are being showed in the middle of the jungle not in Gallery or something like this and every work has a story and touching meaning. Ill be talking about some of them, so I start we the Photo below:

Foto: Hayan Hassoun (Furniture)

In this photo we see an old blue furniture of a dining room, this furniture has been exposed to many natural factors like rain, wind and heat and as a result we have a fantastic shape of art which the nature are involved in the making if it … out of this we understand that the nature has a big role in every little detail of the shape of our life on the planet.

Me personally saw a dramatic scene of a house which have been bombed in one of the wars that the world suffered and still suffering of … in the end every single person sees the art from a perspective that based on his\her experiences in life.

The next artwork is simply a masterpiece!

Foto: Hayan Hassoun (Blue House)

We see here a unique blue house, because of its Design.

In this house we see the elments that should be inside any house but outside of this house, for example the heater and wallwatch and the books shelf are on the outside wall of it and inside we see a tree in the middle of the house and the wallpaper are such a beatifull simulation of a Jungle or rainforest. The hidden idea behind that work is that our first and essential home is the nature, and we all know that we must take care of our homes.

In the picture below we see an empty bird cages, don not forget, they are empty. These cages expaned about 50 m on the forestroad and they are not empty out of nothing, they are empty because they should be like this! We can not sieze the freedom of the flying birds.

To me, the meaning of this artwork is way behind the birds freedom… I think every creature on this planet must be free.

Foto : Hayan Hassoun (Cages)

At the end we feaguerd out that the artists who have done these amazing artworks just made it possible to the others to be creative by making a nice workshop in the middle of the Jungle, so everybody can go inside and make his\her own artwork only with natural matirials like wood and leafs.

Foto: Hayan Hassoun (Workshop)

This journey were full of fun and profit … but above all it was full of art and creativity and i advice everybody to go there and live this nice expirement.