Christian Reeves would like to thank you once again for the many generous donations and is pleased that the donated funds will help not only him but also other students in emergency situations through no fault of their own!

On his current situation:
His native Trinidad & Tobago has still not opened the borders to locals wishing to enter the country or visiting their homeland because of the Corona pandemic. Since mid-2020, Christian still does not have the opportunity to see his family again.

Christian has now obtained a two-year residence permit from the Foreigners’ Office of the City Region of Aachen and can concentrate fully on his studies. The KHG pays him his monthly living expenses from the KHG relief fund, with which he can pay the costs of everyday life, rent, health insurance and the expenses for his studies at the RWTH. On this basis, he has now made a lot of plans and will write some exams in his bachelor’s degree program “Technology Communication” at the end of the winter semester.

Learning coach wanted in the subjects algebra, differential and integral calculus as well as in mechanics – Contact:

“I enjoy my time here in Germany despite Corona and despite my knowledge of the problems in my home country, where people are suffering from economic hardship because of their dependence on the flourishing trade in oil and gas as well as tourism! Because the help has given me strength, which I can now use for my studies!”