study & pray

| Learning in the tranquility of a monastery |

The examination phase or the completion of a work are
your studies soon and you finally need time and
Rest to focus on learning or writing?

With a little distance from everyday life and the possibility to refuel spiritually, it may be easier for you to concentrate entirely on your exam preparation and your tasks.

Together with program in:spirit of the Steyl Missionary Sisters ( and the other Catholic University Communities & Higher Education Centers of the Diocese of Aachen, we offer you a place where you can take a lot of time to learn or write.
It goes to the monastery of Steyl, just behind the Dutch border near Venlo.

You are free to participate in the prayer times on site or
also to the daily impulse. For your physical
Well, it is also taken care of.

Cost for one week: 150,- Euroif you register directly with in:spirit. If you study at the HS Niederrhein and register via the LAKUM, you will receive a grant. Requests or registration: | 02161 293 2873 | WhatsApp, Telegram 0160 107 13 14

The two dates are each of its own independent events.